I’ve been happy to get back to some consistent weeks of running, something I might go so far as to call training. Finally last week I made it along to the club long run. I thought I’d be falling off the back of the group, but got a good run in at a decent pace, good indicator of fitness.

Cold Weather

The weather’s been somewhat changeable recently, with temperature from one day to the next varying by up to 10 degrees. On the cold end of the scale on Thursday night it was chilly following a light snowfall through the day. First order of business was to stop and buy a pair of gloves… followed by my most tentative run ever. Edinburgh’s pavements were a sheet of ice and running was a constant quest to stay upright. Rule 1: don’t fall over.

Corstorphine hill was actually a welcome relief, snow instead of ice, trail visible in the moonlight. So good I visited again the next lunchtime!


This Saturday saw the last in the East District League XC series at Broxburn, a race I’ve never yet made it to - always came to a halt before the end of the cross-country season.

I was blessed with a gentle return to the sport, with a beautiful sunny day, without wind, not too cold to be happy racing in vest (though with gloves). And a pretty welcoming course - lots of flat and good footing, a few awkward icy slidy bits, one sharp and some less sharp hills, but ultimately no mud. Felt good to run hard (if not fast). At least initially, then it felt hard. But that’s all good. Didn’t have much left or die on the last lap - all good.


Today sees me with a longer long run (28k this week) and hitting 50 miles to the week at last. Yes, I think in both systems, gives more round-number milestones to hit! Next will be 100k.