The aftermath of a good week and a few steps too far.

Streak broken

Apparently I landed badly on my right foot in the Lasswade XC race, as it was a bit tender afterwards. So perhaps the post-race extension run was a little mistake.

Monday through Wednesday I was having pain walking - limping - and therefore was not running. And I wouldn’t have taken that off lightly - as of Sunday I had a ‘streak’ of I think 128 days (nice round number).

Suddenly on Thursday I was able to walk and run without pain, and a Saturday test parkrun went OK, so I made the call to run the Scottish National XC Short Course Championships (being entered and all) at Bellahouston park in Glasgow.


In summary, a short race around a flat grass park. Very fast (was happy with my 92nd place), a bit muddy, not very interesting.

20k for the week over 4 days. That’s like 1 run!