Not much to say this week as I haven’t done much. Recovery from the Highland Perthshire Marathon segues into taper for the St Oswald’s Way Ultra.

First two days post-marathon the legs felt quite perky, the two days after that rather sluggish. I wasn’t doing a session early in the week, but ventured along to the Meadows on Thursday. Worrying about a not so great feeling ankle and not sure how recovered I was, the session was a good pick-me-up: running a bit faster felt good, not all-out but strong at pace. (Session was effectively 4*3/4 mile reps with equal recovery).

Through until Saturday I felt like easy running was not easy, but a parkrun of 17:32 at a nice steady effort felt good. The last decent length run of 12 miles today not so easy, but we’ll let that slide and read nothing into it.

Now the plan for the next week is to run very little every day and get my kit and plans sorted for next weekend. Excited!