It’s not a particularly exciting announcement to make, but purerl is now up to date with PureScript 0.12.1. Various minor fixes and enhancements, the only thing relevant to this backend may be

  • purs ide accepts codegen targets for the rebuild command

This should presumably now include “erl” (untested!).

Package updates

The package-set is currently standing at 68 packages, notable updates are:

  • Justin’s simple-json is added, I can’t overstate how awesome this is
  • erl-lists now includes instances for Filterable and friends, and much of the missing functionality from lists, so it should be more practical to use native Erlang lists (just the remaining annoyance about pattern matching)

Since the last post in this blog various purerl specific compiler improvements have been made, see the release notes for details, targetted at making writing OTP applications in PureScript more feasible.