It’s been some time since I’ve published updates for the PureScript Erlang backend.

I’ve been porting to the current compiler version series 0.11.x, which is rather straightforward on the compiler front, but rather involved when it comes to the package set. Porting an ecosystem is a time-eating task…


The combined purs binary is now produced from the purerl compiler fork, instead of a separate purerl binary. This means the IDE server should also work appropriately. I’m using this by installing to a different location than the regular purs and setting the PATH appropriately to what I’m doing, but that’s a little inconvenient.

In future I hope to move from a compiler fork to a separate backend using the corefn JSON compiler output, ideally with a couple of integration points ironed out.

Package set

The package set for 0.11.5 now stands at 63 packages, from 50 for 0.10.7, with 56 version updates.


A Pursuit instance for the latest purerl package set is available at No guarantees are made as to the perfect state of this documentation, some modules have failed to upload and some versions or other metadata may be incorrect.